Thiruthangal Nadar Vidhyalaya


Our school conducted a three-day educational trip for students [from 19/09/22 to 21/09/22] to Kerala[Cochin, Alleppey & Trivandrum]. The first day started with the visit to Dutch palace in Cochin which is of great historical value. Followed with a glance to Pardesi Synagogue, that expressed the grandeur work of culture art and precious tiles, stones, glass chandeliers & lamps. Then students enjoyed the shopping in the Asia’s largest Mall – THE LULU MALL.

The second day started with great devotion at Chottanikkara Bhagavathy temple followed by the Boat house in Alleppey. Students enjoyed the sight-seeing places and the lunch provided in the boat house. Then students were taken to the Alleppey Beach for a short time where they had their playtime and headed to South Park Hotel in Trivandrum.

The third day started with the dharshan of Sree Padhmanaba in Ananthapuri Padhmanaba temple which was gorgeous with great architectural nuances. Then students headed to ISRO rocket launching centre where students witnessed various satellites launching explanations with a short movie and models. The trip ended with the return journey to Chennai.