Thiruthangal Nadar Vidhyalaya

Teachers Corner

DATE: 06.06.2023

TIME: 10.45 PM TO 12.35 PM




PARTICIPANTS: Pre-Primary computer handling teachers (8) &
Computer Department Teachers (4)

This workshop is about the various digital apps available in KIPS Publication. Through the ICL, we can create an interactive classroom learning with the videos of our textbook learning. With the help of CYL in the lab session we can conduct an interactive quiz.
Question paper generator helps to create Q.P apart from textbook questions.
AR(Mobile App) Helps the children to view the video of our textbook lesson and book exercise will help them to learn and test.
Cyber safety and security Seminar highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of internet ,Various types of cyber crimes , how to safeguard us[Protective measures).
Government websites for cyber crime and cyber security number was given

Conclusion : The Workshop was in formative and useful to take class for student .Especially the app was user friendly to handle.

Art integration skill workshops were conducted by our school teachers department wise for 6th June 2023 onwards in our school. It was about how art is playing a vital role in teaching the subjects and how to teach the lessons easily. They merged the art and culture of Tamilnadu and west Bengal according to CBSE education policy.

The first day seminar was started on 5th June 2023 by Mrs. Bhuvaneshwari and Mrs. Mullaimathi of English department about how to integrate art in teaching English language and make the class room interesting and informative. They used various skills like picturisation, art work and drawing. They compared the culture of Tamilnadu to West Bengal.

On 6th June the workshop was conducted by Tamil Department teachers Mrs. Kamala and Mrs.Yogeshwari like story telling, poem recitation, singing songs and games which were connected with Tamilnadu and West Bengal. It was followed in the afternoon by the Hindi Department staff Mrs. Rajarathinam and Mrs. Roseline about the usage art and culture in hindi .They started the session with tongue twisters , story telling and role play. It was very creative and interesting. Power point presentation was done and analyzes the art and culture of Tamilnadu and west Bengal.
On 3rd day, 7th June, the workshop was done by Science department teachers Mrs.Porkodi and Mrs. Kavitha. They conducted the activities like find out the taste, demo of real plants, using recycling and integrating the art with Tamilnadu and West Bengal. The HOD of social department Mrs. Velvizhi appreciated all the teachers and encouraged them.

On 8th June, the workshop was conducted by Social Department teachers Mrs. Amali, Miss. Lavanya . They were conducted the activity how to do the election and to make the children aware of politics. It gave lot of information regarding canvassing, polling and electing. They gave lot of information about the art and culture of Tamilnadu and West Bengal.

Finally on 9th June, the workshop was conducted by Maths department teachers Miss. Deepika, Mrs. Girija and Ms. Logeshwari. They worked as a team. The whole math department teachers danced ,sang song, powerpoint presentation and explained how to implement art in teaching math. They explained how math played a vital role in day today life. Finally the Maths Department HOD and high school ACO Mrs. Shyamala appreciated all the teachers and said without math nothing can be done. On the whole all the workshops were very useful and helpful to all the teachers to teach the students integrated with various skills and art.

Extra marks Workshop was conducted on 5.6.2023 in our School.Mrs.Veena Seshathri and Rishi,the resource persons were organized the programme.All the teachers from KG to Class XII along with ACOs and HODs were attended the programme .All were guided by Veena how to login Extra marks using User name and Password. Demo was done by resource person and teachers were called grade wise how to use it and guidance was given to practice it.
The main goal of Extra Marks is LPT

  • L-Learn
  • P-Practice
  • T-Test

Teachers were advised to make use of all resource like videos,quiz,MCQs,Mind map,drag and drop,games for all the subjects except Tamil.The videos and pictures were very attractive and colourful to drag the attention of the students while teaching.It was very useful,interesting and informative to develop the creative teaching skill while teaching the lesson.

The National Curriculum framework workshop was conducted by our school teacher in our school from 25th May 2023 to 2nd June 2023. Teachers from KG to Middle School convened the workshop. The Session started with prayer song by our music Teacher Mrs.Sumithra. The workshop was scheduled as follows:
On 25.05.2023

Chapter – 1 [Preamble and Instruction]
By Mrs.Sheela, Mrs.Lakshmi & Mrs. Siva sankari

Chapter – 2[Aims, Curriculum Goals, Competencies, and Learning Outcomes]
By Mrs.Navachitra, Mrs.Kanchana, Mrs.Subashini, Mrs.Jeba
On 30.05.2023

Chapter – 3 [Approach to Language Education and literacy]
By Mrs. Krishnaveni, Mrs.Jency, Mrs.Aiswarya

Chapter – 4 [Pedagogy]
By Mrs. Anandhi E Mrs.Yasmin
On 31.05.2023

Chapter – 5 (Choosing , Organizing and contextualizing context for teaching)
By Mrs.Subaneswari & Mrs.Porchelvi

Chapter – 6 (Assessment for furthering Learning objectives)
By Ms.Preethi & Mrs.Amudha
On 01.06.2023

Chapter – 7 (Organizing time)
By Ms.Ashwini & Mrs.Rajeshwari

Chapter – 8 (Additional critical Areas)
By Mrs.Mullaimathi & Mrs.Nikki kumari
On 02.06.2023

Chapter – 9 ( Linkage to the preparatory stage)
By Mrs.Julia Pascal Rani, Mrs.Pachaiammal

Chapter – 10 (Creating a supportive Eco System)
By Mrs.Sumathy, Ms.Kingslin Motha

The workshop was about national Educational policy and National Curriculum Framework. Their Objectives , Goals, method and techniques to be followed to make the education system effective. On the Whole the sessions were informative and appreciative by every one

On May 25,2023, Ms.Tencilen moose[Trainer] of Tata ClassEdge conducted a refreshing workshop on TestEdge software for Teachers of Thiruthangal Nadar Vidhyalaya, Chennai. The session begin with the prayer song.

Ms.Tencilen introduced the concept of TestEdge and explained how to use it effectively. The Session was handled in an interesting manner and the teacher also felt it was very useful. She explained how the Teachers resource like worksheet, question paper can be added into Tata ClassEdge Software.

The Resource person also provided hands – on training which familiarized the teachers with the product . Doubts were asked by some of the teachers about the assets and LabEdge were also cleared promptly by the trainer.The workshop concluded with doubt clarification session.


Venue: Maths Lab

Resource Person: Mrs.Kalavathy[Kits & Con]

Teachers from Std I to Std XII [Maths Teachers] attended the workshop from 9.00 am. to 4.00 pm. Around 21 teachers attended the workshop. All the teachers have gained knowledge of demonstrating 35 Kits ,Vedic Maths & New concepts. The Maths Department Teachers enriched with almost all the kit usage and same will be implemented in the class. It is very useful and Informative.

DATE: 26.11.22


TIME: 9.30 a.m to 2.30 p.m

CONDUCTED BY : Sultan Chand & Sons (p) Ltd.

VENUE: Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School, Adyar, Chennai – 600020

RESOURCE PERSON : CA. Dr. G.S Grewal & R.K. Khosla.

ATTENDED BY: R. Keerthana & S.V Kamalambigai.

The Resource persons explained about the portion deleted and included for this academic year [2022-23]. Doubts regarding the project work and competency based questions are well clarified.

The Resource person R.K.Khosla asked questions from class XII Accounting concepts from both Volume I & II. Brief and Clear Explanation regarding all the concepts of Class XII was delivered by G.S. Grewal. By attending these sessions, we can train the students according to the Guidelines provided by CBSE.


DATE – 26.11.2022 DAY – SATURDAY TIME – 9.00 A.M – 3.30 P.M

TOPIC – Enhanced Grammar & Lang. Skill under NEP & SDG VENUE – Chinmaya Heritage Centre, Tapovan Hall, Chetpet.

RESOURCE PERSON – Mrs. Sanjeev Kumar Jha M.A B.Ed., M.Phil

TEACHERS ATTENDED – Mrs. Rajarathinam, Mrs. Rosalind & Mrs. B.Kolamal

  • The workshop started with the welcome address and Mr. Sanjeev Kumar started the workshop with the basic grammar. Moved towards the NEP 2020, Explained Art Integration, Subject Enrichment Activity, Creativity, Interdisciplinary, Joyful learning , Critical thinking, Life skill and values, Experimental learning and communication.
  • Next topic of Explanation was Teaching strategy of NEP 2020, Explained about Inductive and Deductive method, Explanation of grammatical principles, Practical process, Functional process and Problem solving method.
  • Explained what and all come under SEA
  • 6 Books of Madhubun publishers was launched, Revised as per NEP 2020 1. Gunjan III Lang. Book 2. Vyakaran Subodh 3. Saral Hindi 4. Vitaan 5. Madhukiran 6. Madhvanthi
  • Oral activities was discussed.
  • Pronunciation and basic grammar doubts were cleared 3 worksheets was given as an activity for teachers.
  • The workshop got over at 3.30 p.m
  • It was informed that certificates and specimen copy will be sent to school within 5 to 6 days.

This workshop was organized by Bhavan’s Vidhyasharam Kilapauk.

The Resource person was Mrs. Gayathri. The workshop was attended by Ms. Ashwini and Mrs. Jency General discussion about syllabus, academic plan, pedagogical plan, Mapping curriculum with the defined learning outcome, Assessment tools and techniques.

Focusing on practical and application based learning, experimental learning and enhancing 21st century skills of students. This workshop enabled teachers to design experiential and application based activities to enhance the desired skills among the students. Overall it was an informative and wonderful session.


Mathematics workshop was conducted by Mrs. Revathy Subramaniam in RMK Senior Secondary school on 15.11.2022. Ms. Deepika, Ms. Haraniya PGT of Maths Department attended the workshop
Discussion regarding Chapter wise weightage, Deleted topics, Blue print, Analyse of the sample paper, Assertion and reasoning questions and case based study questions.
Overall the workshop was productive and interesting. The session ended up with distribution of participation certificate.


Chemistry workshop was conducted by Sri. Siva Rama Krishnan in RMK School on November 14, 2022 [Monday] . Mrs. Mahalakshmi S, PGT of Chemistry attended the workshop. Few multiple choice questions, Challenges in organic chemistry conversions and Application of formula to the numericals were discussed. Participants were made to solve HOT’s questions and frame Assertion – Reasoning questions from each chapter. The workshop was very effective for the board exam handling teachers.


Biology workshop on competency based questions and revised practical and theory syllabus was conducted by Mrs. Sudha Malini Prinicpal of RMK Senior Secondary school on 18th November 2022. Teachers from various schools participated and discussed challenges faced while teaching Biology.Chapter wise weightage and tips to prepare competency based questions to enable students to face board exams. Overall the workshop was fruitful and an eye-opener for the participants.


A physics workshop was organized by RMK senior secondary school. Thiruverkadu on 16th Nov 2022. The resource person was Mr. Sivakumar, Vice Principal of P.S. Senior secondary school, Mylapore. The workshop was attended by Mrs. Eupres & Mrs. Anuradha, PGT of Science Department. General discussion about the syllabus, deleted portions for this academic and practical session was there.
The way to set a question paper based on Bloom’s Taxonomy was discussed. The participants had a great exposure with other school physics teachers. The session ended with distribution of participation certificate.

Our teachers Mrs. Sivasankari [Science teacher] Mrs. Janani [Student counsellor and Wellness Teacher] and Mrs. Mullaimathi [English teacher] attended a workshop on Personal safety for children at Smt. Durgadevi Choudhary  Vivekananda Vidhyalaya, Kolathur on 15th Nov 2022.

Resource person for this workshop was Mrs. Vidhya Raghu Senior Yi member supported by Masoom (Innocence) by the team of Mr. Prathap Chandra Mohan ICEO, Dolphin Auto components.

Topics like Safety [Private, Public & Personal], Legal aspects of Child Abuse, Preventions and Precautions & awareness in children, CWC [Child Welfare Committee] in schools , POCSO Act and points to deal with situations in case of taboo situations were discussed in the worksop.

Main objective of the workshop was to connect with teachers, who interact with the students and to create awareness on “CHILD ABUSE HELPLINE NUMBER” 1098 coordinated by Youth India.