Thiruthangal Nadar Vidhyalaya

Teachers Corner


Mathematics workshop was conducted by Mrs. Revathy Subramaniam in RMK Senior Secondary school on 15.11.2022. Ms. Deepika, Ms. Haraniya PGT of Maths Department attended the workshop
Discussion regarding Chapter wise weightage, Deleted topics, Blue print, Analyse of the sample paper, Assertion and reasoning questions and case based study questions.
Overall the workshop was productive and interesting. The session ended up with distribution of participation certificate.


Chemistry workshop was conducted by Sri. Siva Rama Krishnan in RMK School on November 14, 2022 [Monday] . Mrs. Mahalakshmi S, PGT of Chemistry attended the workshop. Few multiple choice questions, Challenges in organic chemistry conversions and Application of formula to the numericals were discussed. Participants were made to solve HOT’s questions and frame Assertion – Reasoning questions from each chapter. The workshop was very effective for the board exam handling teachers.


Biology workshop on competency based questions and revised practical and theory syllabus was conducted by Mrs. Sudha Malini Prinicpal of RMK Senior Secondary school on 18th November 2022. Teachers from various schools participated and discussed challenges faced while teaching Biology.Chapter wise weightage and tips to prepare competency based questions to enable students to face board exams. Overall the workshop was fruitful and an eye-opener for the participants.


A physics workshop was organized by RMK senior secondary school. Thiruverkadu on 16th Nov 2022. The resource person was Mr. Sivakumar, Vice Principal of P.S. Senior secondary school, Mylapore. The workshop was attended by Mrs. Eupres & Mrs. Anuradha, PGT of Science Department. General discussion about the syllabus, deleted portions for this academic and practical session was there.
The way to set a question paper based on Bloom’s Taxonomy was discussed. The participants had a great exposure with other school physics teachers. The session ended with distribution of participation certificate.

Our teachers Mrs. Sivasankari [Science teacher] Mrs. Janani [Student counsellor and Wellness Teacher] and Mrs. Mullaimathi [English teacher] attended a workshop on Personal safety for children at Smt. Durgadevi Choudhary  Vivekananda Vidhyalaya, Kolathur on 15th Nov 2022.

Resource person for this workshop was Mrs. Vidhya Raghu Senior Yi member supported by Masoom (Innocence) by the team of Mr. Prathap Chandra Mohan ICEO, Dolphin Auto components.

Topics like Safety [Private, Public & Personal], Legal aspects of Child Abuse, Preventions and Precautions & awareness in children, CWC [Child Welfare Committee] in schools , POCSO Act and points to deal with situations in case of taboo situations were discussed in the worksop.

Main objective of the workshop was to connect with teachers, who interact with the students and to create awareness on “CHILD ABUSE HELPLINE NUMBER” 1098 coordinated by Youth India.