Thiruthangal Nadar Vidhyalaya

Kids Food Festival on 19th August 2017

The Kindergarten department of Thiruthangal Nadar Vidhyalaya organized a KIDS FOOD FESTIVAL on 19th August 2017. It was the TNV’s first-ever food festival designed for the young ones. Its prime focus is to educate children about balanced food choices and fun around food, everything here was very thoughtful. It’s to get them to like what they eat and let them learn to make healthy choices. That’s exactly the message.The festival conveyed positive messages about healthy food, with plenty of colour, aroma, concept and hands-on cooking, that could go some way to transform young people’s approach to eating. Wide range of food items were displayed under the concept of festival, village food, healthy drinks, etc. Even junk food were displayed to make the kids aware of the dreadful consequences. Our Kids transformed into little chefs in preparing their own recipes. Kids not only stunned the show with their yummy, mouth watering foodies but also mesmerized with their dazzling attires. Little chefs were lucky to learn and had a delicious time. Parents visit added a pride and grandeur to the festival. A Big thanks for the parents for their tremendous contribution.