Thiruthangal Nadar Vidhyalaya


DATE: 1.9.2022 (THURSDAY)

Students around 640 took oath in the assembly that they will follow all the precaution related to COVID to prevent the spread and break the chain of the fatal disease. Jinay of class VI C, read the oath and made the school to repeat after him. PLEDGE:

I am, the student of TNV commit to be vigilant and bear in mind at all times, the risk to myself and my colleagues from COVID -19.
I promise to take all necessary precautions that prevent the spread of this deadly virus. I promise to follow and encourage others to follow the COVID Appropriate Behaviors.
We always wear a mask/face cover, especially in public places.
We maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet from others.
We wash our hands, frequently and thoroughly with soap and water.
Together we will win this fight against COVID -19.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH DAY (3.09.22 & 4.09.22)

We conducted parenting seminar and created awareness about cleanliness and COVID safety precautions. Then we organized vaccination camp for our high school children. Around 300 children were benefited by this vaccination camp.


In connection with “CBSE Swachhata Pakhwada” creating awareness among the school students, the class 9th students prepared pamphlets for creating awareness about the harmful effects of single used plastic materials and need for avoiding the use of plastics.
Class IX students prepared the pamphlets in a group and distributed to the class VIII students. The pamphlets contained the quotes about the harmful effects of plastics on environment.
Around 180 students participated in this program.


Primary section organized participation day program on 7.09.22. Students participated in various program like poster making, drawing, slogan writing etc. A total of 65 students participated in the program. All the participants took part in the activity with enthusiasm and created awareness about cleanliness in and around the campus. They were displayed in the notice board.

HAND WASH DAYS (8.9.22 &9.9.22)

Hand wash Day is a way to create awareness on the culture of hand washing. To
educate the habit of hand wash among students, our UKG children initiated the awareness by demonstrating the steps of hand wash in the program. Around 320 Students were participated in this program.

“Washed hands are caring hands!”

(10.9.22 & 11.9.22)

“Every single journey of our life starts with a healthy mind”.

The celebration of personal hygiene day occurred on 10.09.22 & 11.09.22. To motivate the students, an audio visual was shown to the students of Pre-Primary. The students learnt the hygienic manners like proper way of cutting and keeping nails clean, bathing with clean water, wearing clean clothes and following COVID-19 Protocols through the audio visual.
They have also understood the importance of cleanliness in their life. They also promised that they will follow these hygienic manners in their day-to- day’s life. 320 students participated in this program.


Class I TO XII Std Children participated in this exhibition day
program. Photographs, paintings, slogans made by students on Swachhata activities were displayed in the exhibition. Parents and our Board members visited and acquired awareness about COVID.

SWACHHATA ACTION PLAN DAYS (13.09.22 & 14.09.22)

We have conducted group meeting with parents of our school to create awareness among students and parents about the Swachhata Action plan .It included COVID-19 related measures of the school under the Samagra Shiksha scheme. Around 200 parents participated in this program.


All the classrooms from LKG TO XII STD are observed and monitored by Swachh program in- charge teachers throughout the month. The class which had taken care to keep their classroom neat and clean was awarded with Prizes & Flag as Swatch class. This program motivated the students to keep their surrounding clean.