Thiruthangal Nadar Vidhyalaya


Through the programme, ‘AI for youth’ launched last year, the government offered the students an oppurtunity to be engaged with the most advanced skill subject, Artificial Intelligence. Thousands of school students learnt AI skills under this Umbrella.

Class 9 students of TNV enthusiastically participated in this prestigious boot camp, organized by CBSE in collaboration with INTEL.The enriching session enabled the children to apply AI skills to create a project with a strong social impact and earned them the coveted certificate of Accomplishment.

The following students attended the boot camp under the guidance of Mrs.Ananthi E.

1Harshavardhan A9 A
2Sai Santhosh S9 A
3Jigisha T9 A
4Shaik Juvairiya Thasleem9 B
5Harrsathan T M9 B
6Srijit Venkatesh S9 C
7Eshan Saud9 D