Thiruthangal Nadar Vidhyalaya


Our classrooms are the workshops for intellectual development of our pupils. Our laboratories give ample opportunities to our little scientist who can prepare themselves to give their best inventions to the world of tomorrow. Reading makes a full man. Our library fits the best to make themselves versatile in this world. To equip the students to face any challenges in life and to reach for levels of achievements they have not attempted before by providing an infrastructure equipped with latest technologies and modern amenities.


School libraries have positive impact on students achievements. Our school library provides easy access to different subject books with the help of EASY LIB 3.0 and OPAC. Our school has an excellently furnished library with spacious and good ventilation. This atmosphere gives the students to enjoy their reading. Our librarians are always present there to guide our students.

Our school library is well equipped with encyclopedias, dictionaries, fictions, facts, biographies, journals, newspaper, magazines etc., There are around 10,355 including reference books with educational CD’s to which helps the students to upgrade themselves.

English Lab

Spoken English lab provides all facilities to make the students speak the language fluently and confidently. School gives top priority to hygiene and cleanliness round the clock to render physical health and a highly pleasing atmosphere to the students.

Class rooms

Class rooms are spacious and well-ventilated providing comfortable atmosphere for the children. This enables the teachers to move around the classroom easily and pay individual attention to the students. Students are given opportunity to explore and learn. Even KG classrooms are designed according to their needs.

Digi Room

The use of digital board within classroom settings is superior than usual board in promoting and integrated curriculum. It will make a greater impact on students learning. It can also be used as presentation tool for the students project. Visual learning through this board stays longer in the younger in the young mind of the children.


We choose Montessori for our children because of many benefits of this approach. Kids improve their gross and fine motor skills. They extend their attention span. They learn “Grace and Courtesy Skill”. They become independent. We provide a comfortable and pleasant

Mathematics Lab

Maths lab creates and environment for mathematics education. Maths lab is completely structures on NCERT guidelines which emphasis discovery, enrichment and verification of facts, reinforcement and demonstration of concepts. It provides and opportunity to students to understand and verify the basic mathematical geometrical concepts through concrete objects and situations.

Science Lab

Lab experiences enhances students understanding concept in Science and its applications. It develops interest and motivates students in the field of Science. Our well trained faculties kindle the scientific interest in the students by developing curiosity in them.

Computer Lab

Sharing network is done to all the system in the computer Lab. A fixed lab time table has been framed for all the subjects to avail the facility of online for all the students right from I std. Each students has been given opportunity to work in individual system. Students were steered to the best web resources which would be helpful for their academics.