Thiruthangal Nadar Vidhyalaya


On In a kind gesture tiny tots of TNV school came together to organize a food festival on 30th August 2018for the Indian cuisine. Our blooming buddies of UKG flourished with traditional dresses and delicious foods which carried the message “Healthy Heart And Healthy Body”.

Our honorable President Thiru.D.Subbiah & our Admirable Principal Thiru.G.Sethuraman gave a warm visit and enjoyed the program thoroughly.

  • Tamilnadu dishes emphasized the important of “Parambariya unavugal” & “Patti vathiyam “.
  • Andhra food highlighted the spicy flavored and colourful mouth watering dishes.
  • North Indian dishes tempted and attracted each and everyone alike
  • Through provoking quotes highlighted the demerits of consuming junk foods.

Good show by the parents who made the program a successful one.

Finally it was a great feast to our eyes and the mind.