Thiruthangal Nadar Vidhyalaya


“Life is all about chances and opportunities

Never leave anything to chance

And never let an opportunity get away”


Our Pre-primary department students of Std I [51] and Std II [77] have enthusiastically participated in the Acad expo – Time to Shine. They have made the presentations in the form of models and activities. It was inaugurated by our board members accompanied by our Principal Sir.

The English models were based on the theme of “Fairy Tales and Fantasy world”. They were presented in the form of angels, fairies, mermaids, horror character and fairy tales.

The theme for the Tamil dept. was Iyal, Isai, and Naadagam. The models were based on Aandaal, Ovaiyar, Silapathikaram, Thanjai Periya Koil etc.

The theme chosen by Maths Dept. was Gateway of Maths”. The models were based on the four basic mathematical operations, days of the week and various puzzles.

The theme selected by Computer Science dept was “Techno park”. The models were based on the usage of computers in real life like ATM machine, Ticket vending machine, satellite etc.

The theme selected by the Science dept was nature. The models were based on nature therapy, sprouts house, medicinal plants, solar energy etc.

Puppet show was the highlight at the Activity corner. There was one presented by Std II showing the traditional dances of India and another by Std I to save animals

The EVS dept presented the food bazaar and brought traditional food items of different states.

There were various puzzles activities by English, Maths and Computer Science dept and tongue twister by Tamil dept.

The Acad Expo “Time to Shine” was a grand success with the blessings of God Almighty and cooperation of the parents