Thiruthangal Nadar Vidhyalaya


The workshop on the topic “Learning Disability and Inclusive Education” was conducted by Mrs. Janani, Student Counsellor & Wellness teacher and Mrs. Suganthi, Special Educator on 03.09.22[Saturday].
The Session started with the warm –up activity of introducing the concept and why it is needed at this present scenario.
The presenter came out with the detailed speech about the difference between learning disability and slow-learners before labelling them. An insights on the symptoms of the learning disability and slow learners helped the teachers to identify and enhance their academic performance.
The teachers enthusiastically participated in the session and shared their views on how they are handling the slow learners. Few Inclusive Educational activities were conducted and explained how they can be implemented Inclusive Education in regular classroom.
The session ended with clarifying the queries of the teachers. It was a wonderful session to create a positive environment that learning should be followed by Development.