Thiruthangal Nadar Vidhyalaya


DATE: 18.08.23


TIME: 9.00 AM TO 10.20 AM.

*Students from IV th to XII th Standard were interestedly participated in Social Science Inter house club activities.

*Department Teachers were motivated and guided the students to exhibit their hidden talents.

*IV th students Presented the National Symbols by using the chart like albums and booklets.

*V th standard students prepared the Dynasty Tree of Rulers about the Mughals, Cholas,Pallavas, Vijaya Nagar,Marathas and Tuluvas.

*VI th Standard students displayed the sources of History(ancient period) through Manuscripts,Coins,Pottery,Jewellery and Literary Sources.

*VII th Standard students made the Layers of the Atmosphere through Models.

*VIII th Standard Students gave the clear Picturization about the Time line Movements of Indian freedom struggle.

*IX th Students were presenting the collage work-Heritage Sites of India.

*X th Students Prepared the real model making about Natural Disasters like Flood, Cyclone,Volcano Eruption , Snow Frost and Earth quake.

*XIth and XII th Std students made the Info graphic chart about Digital India

*With the Co-Operation of the teachers and the students, the programme went on well.

*In each level, we have selected Three Prize Winners.