Thiruthangal Nadar Vidhyalaya

CBSE Reading Challenge 2023-24

The primary objective of fostering a strong culture of reading in all the affiliated schools nationwide. With a strong commitment to promoting Reading Literacy among students,the CBSE Reading Challenge is an exciting opportunity for students in classes 6th to 10th of CBSE affiliated schools to enhance their reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.

The contest aims to engage participants in various reading stimuli and assess their abilities in the following areas:

  • Reading with comprehension and accuracy.
  • Constructing meaning by retrieving information, relating text with prior knowledge, and integrating information.
  • Interpreting information and drawing inferences.
  • Reflecting and evaluating to judge the quality and credibility of the text.

Total No of Students participated in Round 1 – 71 

No of  Participants selected for Round 2 – 10