Thiruthangal Nadar Vidhyalaya


English Lingua Fest was celebrated on 25th of April 2022 with great pompous and grandiloquent manner. The aim is to celebrate multilingualism and cultural diversity by exploring the language. This day marks the birth and death anniversary of the famous writer William Shakespeare.

The program commenced with a prayer by an ideal choir team. The grand red carpet welcome was led by Sabrin Banu J of class XII A1. The program was entirely enclosed by Jaidev, Nidharshana, Samitha Joyz and Lewin Navaraja.

A series of cultural events added extra bonaza to the day. A documentary film, flashing the life history of William Shakespeare was narrated by L.Karthi of Class X A. Followed by a dance, Skit, Oliver Twist, an Award show of English Linguists, Shakespeare Monologue, Channel Surfing, A mimicry show, Walking down the lane – milestone of TNV’s English Department were unveiled on stage.

The whole day was based on the theme “HOLLYWOOD”.

A grandeur exhibition was then inaugurated by our School President Thiru. T.Rajkumar, B.B.A and our Asst.Secretary. Thiru G.Rajamoorthy M.A., The Expo had both literature and grammar zone.

Participants of the event were honoured with a shield and a certificate. The program terminated with a Vote of Thanks by Dinesh Kumar R of XII A2
On the whole, the day was a masterpiece of student talents and their fondness of English language.