Thiruthangal Nadar Vidhyalaya

EXAM MASTERY WORKSHOP FOR CLASS X – 23.01.2020 to 25.01.2020

The program,”Exam Mastery” was conducted by the team “Superbhumans”. Coaches were Dr.Sachin Sharma and Mr.Ajith. The program was held from 23.01.2020 to 25.01.2020 in composite lab for the Class X.
Specific children were selected for the program. All the children were completely enjoyed and kept disciplined for all three days. Along with special trainers Dr.Sachin Sharma coach and Mr.Ajith coach, our school teachers also trained the children as coaches.
Children were trained with Brain Gym Exercise, Pomodoro techniques and Mind maps made our children more active in participation. The program was successful with 100% active participation. At the end of the program parents were called for witnessing the transformation of children. Students realized their values and duties.