Thiruthangal Nadar Vidhyalaya

HINDI DIWAS -27.09.2023

The day was planned and well organized with the concert of our Respected Principal Sir, Art teachers and Hindi Teachers.All were supportive in preparing the invitation card and board decorations. Our Chief Guest was Mr.S.K.A.Savarimalayan B.Com, correspondent and Secretary added up a colour to our Diwas by his presense.Secretary Sir was honoured by our Principal Sir with a shawl and a momento Principal Sir was honoured by our V.P mam with a shawl and a momento.

Comparing students started their programme by welcoming the choir girls for prayer song, welcome speech, special speech, dance, drama, speech by our Hindi teacher(Mrs.Ranjana),group song, role play and Vote of thanks were the agenda and was done one after the other. Our Chief Guest cherished everyone by his speech. The Programme went up with all cultural activities and ended up with national anthem.