Thiruthangal Nadar Vidhyalaya

Jolly Trip

Children are taken out for a jolly trip which combines with fun filled learning.

LKG – 14.08.2019 – Day 1

On 14.08.2019 morning 9.00am LKG kids had an outing to Guindy national park. Children were excited and were ready to start their trip. We started the journey by 9.00am and reached the park by 10.10am.

Children were astonished to watch the birds and animals. We had our lunch by 12.30pm. After the lunch we entered the snake park. Children saw the Venomous and non-venomous snake and were thrilled.

Children were left free to play in the play area and we wound up by 2.30pm

It was indeed a memorable trip for the kids and the teachers.

UKG Kids Trip – 16.08.2019 – Day 2

On a shining morning, 16.08.2019 (Friday), our UKG charming kids eagerly started the trip to the India’s largest aquarium (Marine Kingdom). It was a cool walk in the tunnel and felt like, we were under the sea with the fishes. The children were excited on seeing the wonders of the ocean like sharks, Octopus, lion fish, etc. The little ones cherished by touching and feeling the star fishes. It was a dreamy day for our tiny toddlers.

A day out to farm country – Class 3 students

On 16th August 2019,the students of class III started a picnic in four buses to farm country near Sengundrum.With lot of excitement the children reached farm country at 9.30 a.m.The staff of farm Guru welcomed the children. They explained about what are the activities they are going to do on that day. At first they showed a video regarding agriculture, why agriculture is important and what are the ways to develop agriculture. They allowed the children to take bath and after bath the chief of farm guru Mr.Seshasayee explained about cultivation, Weeding,farming and fishing. They took the children to plough the weeds. The children enjoyed a lot. Then they showed a fish pond and fishing. They gave a healthy drink Kirni juice and white gram as snacks.

After lunch they took the children for ploughing the field and sowing paddy. It was a wonderful experience to the children. They took a bullock cart ride and it was awesome.Atlast they presented all the children with Tulsi plant, Spinach and said “Bye” to the children. It was a memorable day to the children and with lots of memories. They left farm country. Many children pledged that they won’t waste food and they will become farmers.

“Travelling –It leaves you speechless than turns you into a storyteller”.
On 17.08.2019 Class 1 students went to Marine Kingdom for one day trip with their class teachers,Mrs.Geetha and ACO Mrs.Nandhini.Trip started from our school at 9.10 am and reached around 10.30 am.

Children were very enthusiastic and eager in watching the Marine organism. They were so excited and interested in touching the star fish.They also enjoyed going through the tunnel showed ‘hai’ to the shark.We reached the school by 3.45 p.m.


Students of class 2 were taken to the trip. There,they were shown a video about Clown fish the way the parent fish takes care of the eggs layed.They were shown a variety of fish from all over the world.Students were allowed to touch the star fish and feel its texture. They were taken to a tank like underwater travel.They had seperated it by giving themes.

Titanic theme: A broken ship was kept under water

Coral theme:The bottom of the tank was built with coral rocks

Temple theme:The bed of the tank was built with parts of a temple

They also discussed about the different types of beaches like sandy and rocky beach etc.They also showed a panoramic view of Underwater with all the three themes together. Students enjoyed the trip by watching a variety of fish. They were very excited about the star fish. On the whole the students enjoyed very much.


On 19th August 2019, VIIStd students and staff went to the “Farm Country”, as the one day trip. We all have enjoyed well as the organizer made all the arrangements in a systematic way.

We have reached there by 10.00 a.m.We are provided with Musk melon, Sundal,delicious food and evening snacks with lime juice. We all were in number 125.We had taken the group photograph in the spot. We underwent so many activities including singing session. The children enjoyed well in shower. As a token of love and affection, organizers have presented Tulsi pot, some vegetables and Certificates, while we have left the place. The One day trip was most memorable and enjoyable.


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes,but having new eyes”

On 21.08.2019 [Wednesday] Class IV students Went to Dakshinchitra for one day trip with their class teachers and subject teachers.

Trip started from our school at 9.00 am and first we reached Crocodile park around 11.00 am.Children were very excited and enthusiastic in watching the different types of crocodiles,alligators,turtles,monitor lizards and snacks.

In Dakshinchitra Children visited different types of traditional houses of the south Indian states.For a While all the children had a feeling of being in their grandparents home.The Children also spent some time in the park. We returned to school by 6.15 pm.


Class V students went on a one day trip to a farm at Karanodai on 21st August 2019.The day started with great joy amidst the pleasant weather. The trip to Farm Guru started with a small prayer and then children proceeded towards the farm; wherein they were taught about the various methods of agricultural practices, sowing of seeds, weeding, ploughing ,harvesting of crops etc.The most thrilling part of the day is fishing by the students. Children enjoyed the cool breeze along with a shower both in the farm’s tank.

On the whole, it was a fun filled day with loads of practical knowledge and Children had an experience of being a farmer for a day. Also, they have learnt the hard work of farmers and hope they’ll never waste their food in future.


Class VI students with the count of 105 student went to crocodile park and Mayajal on 22.08.2019 as one day trip. They started from our school campus in the morning by 9.00 am and reached the crocodile park by 10.45 am. Students were much eager to know about the various species of crocodile and their habitat. A demo was shown by the crocodile park representative regarding the precautionary step to be taken when a person was bitten by the poisonous snake.Then,they reached Mayajal by 1.00 pm. Students played wide variety of game. They enjoyed 3D show about the space. Trip Came to an end with loads of memory and happy moments.

The students of class VIII to XII went for educational tour to Hyderabad for 3 days and 2 nights.They boarded Hyderabad express from Chennai central on 27.09.2019 and reached Hyderabad the next day.The Boys checked in at the Hotel Abode and the girls at the Hotel Best Western Ashoka.The students visited various historical places and recreational centres. One of the best place to know our history in Hyderabad is Golconda fort.The students were mesmerized by its brilliant engineering and magical architecture. Magical acoustic system, beautiful garden and numerous exquisitely carved stones unfolded wonders and made them dumbstruck. They enjoyed various rides in NTR garden and enthralled by the unique laser show in Lumbinipark.One whole day was spent in Ramoji Film city.It spreads over 1666 acres and certified by the Guinness world records as the largest studio complex in the world. It’s massive film sets,breath taking landscapes,Vast life like Bahubali Set,Chandramuki palace fascinated the students.They rejoiced thrilling games and rides inside film city. Salar Jung Museum stunned the students with collection of modern Indian artwork; Indian miniature paintings and weapons.The sculpture of veiled Rebecca by Indian Sculpture Habbergasted them. The clock show inside museum astonished the students.The mechanism of the clock made a miniature toy figure to come out and strike the gong at twelve.The students were unpressed by the blend the Dravidian,Rajasthani and utkala architecture of Brilla Mandir,Granite idol of Deity Lord Venkateswara added serenity to the place.The Indo-Islamic architecture of Charminar astounded the students.They enjoyed shopping near Charminar.We checked out the hotel at 3 pm on 30.09.2019 and boarded Chennai express.Reached Chennai on 1st October with loads of memories.