Thiruthangal Nadar Vidhyalaya


Agriculture is the art and  science of cultivating the soil and growing crops. On 20th July our school management had organized a one day trip to visit a agricultural place named  Farm Guru near Sholavaram.120  students of class III along with six teachers had visited the place Farm Guru, which works towards bringing agriculture back to its glorious form, by educating the children on the process- from the  seed into the soil, to the seed in their plates at dinner

Mr. Sesha Sai, the founder of Farm  Guru conducted an orientation session to the students, about the importance of food and the hardwork of the farmers in the hot sun. All the students were inspired by the activities of the farmers and pledged not to waste food.

After the lunch, various activities in the actual process of agriculture i.e land preparation,  ploughing, seed sowing, irrigation etc were explained well by the co-ordinators of Farm Guru and the students had hands- on  experience in all the activities.Thus the students understood the importance of maintaining organic way of cultivating the farmland for the benefits of the soil and its citizens.