Thiruthangal Nadar Vidhyalaya



Our 6th students were taken to MGM on 17.07.2018. The trip was well planned and well organised. The trip started with a magic show in our school premises.

Students were given enough time to play in the rides. On the whole they enjoyed the trip and it was like a refreshing day for them.


On 18.07.2018 [Wednesday] Class 7 students went to MGM as a one day trip with their class teachers Mrs. Sujatha, Mrs. Saranya, Mrs. Shanthi, Mrs. Monika & along with their subject teachers. Mrs. Rajathi, Mrs. Rajeshwari and Ms. Suganya. The day started with the magic show held in our school. We started at 8.00 am from our school with a prayer and reached there by 10.00 am.

Students enjoyed a lot before and after their lunch. Snacks were provided for the students. We started from there and reached back to our school with wonderful memories.


On 19.07.2018 [Thursday] Class II students went to DakshinaChitra for one day trip with their class teachers along with their subject teachers.

Trip starts from our school at 8.20 am and first reached Crocodile park around 10.00 am. Children were so enthusiastic in watching the different types of crocodiles, alligator, jaws, gariels, snakes and tortoise.

In DakshinaChitra, children enjoyed watching folk dance show – Traditional Tamil Nadu dance of Karagam and Puppet show.
We visited different types of houses found in the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. We returned back to school at 5.30 pm.


“An adventure a day keeps the doctor away”.

On 20.07.2018, our charming kids of class 1 went for a one day trip to Birla Planetarium with their teachers Mrs. Nandhini, Mrs. Shalini, Mrs. Mythily, Mrs. Praveena along with Mrs. Jaya, Mrs. Geetha. We reached the venue at 10.15 am. Our children were thrilled with the Galaxy show, a 3D show and a spaceship gallery with loads of information.
We also visited the Guindy park. Our children were excited on seeing different types of animals and birds. They also had fun with their favourite outdoor toys in the park. Finally we reached our school by 4.30 p.m.

A Jolly Trip to VGP

Students of III std were taken for a jolly trip to VGP Universal Kingdom on 21.07.2018 (Saturday) with their class Teachers. Mrs. Sharmila Devi, Mrs. Sivasankari, Mrs. Lakshmi, Ms. Deepika, Mrs.Sheela. Mrs. Singalakshmi. Students have enjoyed and they had fun all over the trip.


Students of class VIII went to MGM theme park on 24.07.2018 [Tuesday] with their class teachers. Mrs. Sindhu , Mrs. Kavitha, Mrs. Kokila , Mrs. Kanchanamala , Mrs . Ravi Ranjini Singh, Mrs. Selva Rani Mrs. Sujatha .
Students enjoyed a lot throughout the day.


Students of IV std were taken for a jolly trip to MGM Theme park on 25.07.2018[Wednesday] with their class Teachers. Mrs. Kanchana , Mrs. Jeba , Ms. Suganya , Mrs. Nivedha , Mrs. Yogeshwari .
Students have enjoyed and they had fun all over the trip

Fun-filled Trip to MGM

Class of V, had a trip to visit MGM Dizee World. Children had a fun and gala time in the rides of MGM. The whole day was filled with amusement and excitement.
On the whole, the children had a fun packed experiences. Students returned back with loads and loads of sweet memories to cherish forever.

A Jolly Ride to the Guindy Park

On a pleasant Friday morning the children of UKG were taken on a trip to the children’s park and snake park. The children were looking forward to the day with great anticipation, where they got a chance to see the different types of birds, reptiles and animals.

The most Popular snake park has a variety of snakes like Viper, Python, Green snake etc. The kids were thrilled to see with its snake menacing mouth wide open. Overall it was wonderful experience for the children which they will remember the days to come.

Our LKG students were taken for a jolly trip to Guindy National Park. Children amused the wonderful trip with their friends and teachers. They were really excited by visualizing the different types of birds , animals and reptiles .
At the Snake park children were more thrilled to see the different kinds of snakes .Children played in the new environment that made them happy. Over all it was a happiest day .

As per the CBSE Announcement about “Paryatan Parv “(visiting other places) from 26th to 29th Sep.2018 to enhance the knowledge & visit various places in the country and thereby understand the culture & heritage, also enjoy its natural beauty.

To explore ‘Incredible India’ our school organised long tour of 3days & 2 nights to Kodaikanal. Classes from 9th to 12th of 116 students joined hands happily together in the trip.

We visited these following Places:

  • Pillar rocks
  • Suicide point
  • Pine forest
  • Guna caves
  • Golf course
  • Moier point
  • Silent valley & Caps valley
  • Fire watching tower
  • Mathikettan cholai
  • Upper lake view & Berijam Lake
  • Lake & Park
  • Coaker’s walk

We turned back to our home with pleasant unforgettable memories.